Multicolored pattern and antibody representing Triveni’s genetics-informed precision medicine approach to develop functional antibodies.

About us

We are pioneering a genetics-informed precision medicine approach to develop functional antibodies for the treatment of immunological and inflammatory (I&I) disorders.

Through our proprietary platform, we hunt for and derisk novel therapeutic targets with strong genetic rationale across diseases, predict and stratify patient subpopulations, and provide insights into disease mechanisms.

Leadership Team

Our experienced team is backed by an industry-leading board of directors, strategic advisors, and key opinion leaders.

Vishal Patel headshot

Vishal Patel, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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Jennifer Dovey Headshot

Jennifer Dovey, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

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Nicholas Scarchilli Headshot

Nicholas Scarchilli,

Chief Operating Officer

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Bhaskar Srivastava Headshot

Bhaskar Srivastava, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

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Will Chen Headshot

Will Chen, PhD

Head of Platform, Senior Advisor

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David Erbe Headshot

David Erbe, PhD

Head, Early Development

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Eva Asp Headshot

Eva Asp, PhD

Head, Biology

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Brantley Herrin Headshot

Brantley Herrin, PhD

Head, Biologics

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Careers and culture

We are committed to recruiting the best and brightest minds to our growing team to advance a novel and innovative pipeline of I&I therapies.

Together, we have the potential to address some of the most challenging diseases for which limited treatment options exist – through enabling exciting biological discoveries.

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Pie chart graphic with Triveni’s values.

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