Genetically Informed Therapeutics

Abstract-looking antibody.
Multicolored pattern and antibody representing Triveni’s genetics-informed precision medicine approach to develop functional antibodies.
Triveni Bio is breaking new ground on the identification of novel disease targets – working at the convergence of human genetics, best-in-class antibody design, and precision medicine.
We are pioneering a Mendelian genetics-informed precision medicine approach to develop functional antibodies for the treatment of immunological and inflammatory (I&I) disorders.

Through our proprietary data platform, we leverage public and private datasets to hunt for and derisk novel therapeutic targets with strong genetic rationale across diseases, predict and stratify patient subpopulations, and provide insights into disease mechanisms.

Our lead antibody program (TRIV-509) targets kallikreins 5 and 7 (KLK5/7) and directly impacts skin barrier function, inflammation, and itch – providing a meaningful and much needed potential treatment option for patients with atopic dermatitis and other barrier disorders.
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